February 2015

Sly Stone Awarded $5 Million In Back Royalties

“This is a win for the good guys” Musical genius and funk legend Sly Stone has recently been awarded $5 million in back royalties and damages. Whenever the artists gets their just due in any business situation it is always a win for music, being as there wouldn’t be any music, or money to steal, without the artist. The industry seems littered with shady managers, lawyers and vultures who seem to only exist to look for opportunity to steal from and make profits off of art they had no part in creating, and as in most cases continue to make money after the art is created while the artist is still alive and not reaping the same benefits. Just read or recent review of George Clinton’s memoir to get a quick glimpse into the headache these vultures cause artists. But even if it is late, better late than never, congrats to Sly on this will deserved good fortune. Read the full story from here:

If you want him to stay, you’re going to have to pay Sly Stone.

That’s the $5 million message from jurors in California regarding the soul-funk music icon, known for classic Sly and the Family Stone hits such as “Everyday People, ” “If You Want Me to Stay,” “Dance to the Music” and “Family Affair.”

On Tuesday, a Los Angeles Superior Court civil jury found for Stone in his breach-of-contract lawsuit against Even St. Productions, manager Jerry Goldstein and attorney Glenn Stone, awarding him $5 million in royalties and damages.

“This is one for the good guys,” Los Angles trial lawyer Nicholas Hornberger said. “These people cheated him and took all his money.”

In his lawsuit, Stone (whose legal name is Sylvester Stewart) alleged that Goldstein and Glenn Stone “without the permission of Sly Stone, have received, borrowed, and continue to receive millions of dollars in royalties or derived from royalties,” according to the Los Angeles Times.

“They would give him a little money so he would sign stuff,” Hornberger said. “They had him sign all sorts of complicated contracts he would never understand, and he just wanted to make music. They just wanted his royalties.”

By 2011, Stone was reportedly homeless, living out of a van. He had sued Goldstein in 2010, accusing him of stealing his royalties.

Attorney Gregory Bodell, who represents Goldstein and Glenn Stone, said his clients plan to appeal.

“We are disappointed with the verdict, and we believe the jury didn’t understand” all of the evidence, Bodell said. “It’s plain to me from the jury award, evidence and other information I’ve received subsequently” that the jury miscalculated the verdict, he said.

It’s not clear how long it would take the singer to collect the entire jury award, given the other side’s plans to appeal.

However, Hornberger says the court has control of $2 million or $3 million in royalties paid out during the lawsuit because they were deposited with the court.

He said he expects the court to rule on future royalties and other matters within a month or two.”

Camp Lo ‘Black Nostaljack’ Official Video

From Camp Lo’s 1997 classic album ‘Uptown Saturday Night’ check out their Good Times, Ernie Barnes, Blaxploitation inspired visuals.

George Clinton ‘Yo Like George…’ Book Review

When you have a memoir from an artist whose career spans over basically five decades, and just as many genres, you are automatically in for a great read. George Clinton the front man to the legendary bands ‘Funkadelic’ and ‘Parliament’ is one of musics most eccentric, confusing, wild, and enigmatic figures. Mr. Clinton who is the brains not only behind those two iconic bands but also all their offshoots and side projects, producing and arranging for Bootsy’s Rubber Band, Bernie Worrell’s solo projects, Eddie ‘ Maggot Brain’ Hazel, The Brides of Funkenstein and many more. With the P-Funk’s captain foreseeing the two main collectives releases, which usually looks like a steady release of twin albums every year, and the side projects and band members solo projects the reader is set to¬† digest about ten years worth of music in this book if every project the P-Funk collective made were to play back to back continuously. The story, like all autobiographies, begins with George growing up and discovering music and how he got started in the industry and contrary to all the wild antics and what seems like unstructured behavior George quite ironically shows how much thought and planning went into every aspect of his art early on in the memoir. Do not let the strange titles and costume confuse you, this book is deep. From detailing the rigorous process of writing and arranging a song, one of Mr. Clinton’s true strong suits as he cannot play any instruments and as he says can’t sing either just “has the ability to make you think he can sing”, to exposing the true cut throat nature of the business and other conspiracies he has witnessed. This book is layered with knowledge from space exploration, spiritual depth and realization, conspiracy theories, mysterious deaths of great musical figures, to down right straight forward political funk all ingeniously delivered with classic P-Funk wit, humor and insight. There are stories of run ins with plenty of who’s-who’s in the industry and great behind the scenes tales of the two funk legends George and Sly (Sly Stone) kicking back, working on music, fishing and getting high. All the way up until current day and current albums, which feature s the title track -of this book- a track/title that almost seems like it is written incorrectly, George gives a detailed description of everything you need to know about life and the industry up to his current legal cases from greedy managers and lawyers who are solely out to make money off an artist whose catalog and publishing is so vast, and ever expanding due to Hip-Hop’s sampling, that the total sum of money owed to him could quite possibly reach the billions. Along with other things Mr. Clinton also reveals he is an avid reader and advocates the importance of knowledge constantly in this book and how it positively effected his art and creativity, perhaps it’s just the ‘placebo effect’ but maybe it truly helped expand his mind (along with the drugs), a great way for readers to start their own personal expansion is to read this book for yourself and truly free your mind (…and your ass will follow!)

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