January 2016

brandUn DeShay ‘Had Em All’ Official Video

brandUn DeShay, the Goldun Child, releases the visuals to his new single ‘Had Em All’ and the video is packed with possibly more references than the lyrics. Any Anime fan can see brandUn’s knowledge of the culture easily with this one.

Tame Impala ‘Currents’ Album Review

When it comes to making trippy modern day psychedelic music it’s easy to evolve as any new twist or turn that spawns from the  intoxicating obstreperous labyrinth of sound can only be understood as a step forward to the untrained listner’s mind. Programmed hand claps and heavily automated filters and effects, though minor additions to most music, vastly change the soundscape of such a vintage analog based (one man) band. The album’s ascension begins with the nascent “Let It Happen” an opening track that continually expands while it carries the listener on it’s journey. Rightfully so it is accompanied by an equally trippy music video.

Interludes make a welcomed appearance on this album,  short tracks with luscious textures and ambient sounds can only evoke serene scenery in the mind of those with synesthesia when played. “Nangs” “Gossip” and the opening to the metaphysical love track about reincarnated lovers “Past Life” do this all too well.  The most potent of partial tracks “Gossip” leads directly into “The Less I Know The Better”

A song where the title perfectly describes it’s partner visuals. A music video hailed as a “Feminist Masterpiece” but can easily be categorized as an erotic cross between “Donny Darko”  “Napoleon Dynamite” and “The Holy Mountain”. Ambiguous surrealist  visuals rightfully pair with the audio on this LP. ‘Currents’ plays less like individual currents and more like one beautiful cohesive body of water.

Rating 7.8/10

Happy Dagger ‘Pareidolia’ EP

Portland psychedelic rock band ‘Happy Dagger’ release this luscious lo-fi sonic landscape.

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