July 2016

Beanie Sigel #StillPublicEnemy

Beanie Sigel returns with what the game has been missing. Delivering social commentary and a raw realistic street perspective on issues that more often than not are only presented from a certain biased angle Beans breaks down police brutality, the new world order, and revolutionary retaliation in a brand new single produced by Streetrunner and mixed by the legendary Young Guru. “The Revolution WILL be televised”.

Mike Kensah ft. Kas ‘Dont Shoot’

Mike Kensah drops a new single produced by Rush which deals with the current issues going on now in society. He states that this song is “Dedicated to All the black men that lost their lives due to police brutality.”

LEFTFIELD ‘Support Real Pizza’ Official Video

LeftField, Independent Hip Hop duo from Pittsburgh PA, just released their debut music video for the hilariously clever track ‘Support Real Pizza’.  LeftField consists of producers DOC LVLY and MC Reason, we recently sat down with head MC Reason for an interview be sure to check it out here.

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