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We sat down with Martin X to discuss music, influences and goals read the full interview below.

1. How did you get started in music?
– I started the whole rapping idea back when I was about 14. My friends and I use to record on cassette tapes lol
It was a dope time. Then that died down after a bit and I revisited idea when I was about 22. I didnt do my research
on the game like I should have been doing. I was just making a song here or there, no real idea behind it all. That died
off after a while. Then when I was 26, my best friend/brother Zach Ciullo blessed me with the recording equipment and
from there I ran with it. People say you have to go through something in your life to really make the music better. It
just took me 26 years to go through enough to be able to do this thing for real now.
2. At what point in your progress did you realize that you were good enough or could be good enough to do this?
– Honestly, Ive always been the type to beleive in myself but even more courage and belief was given after rapping around
friends in college and they said I was talented. Many people have shown me tremendous support and since I really started pursuing
this dream for real, the support has just been coming out more and more from people around me. I think others are finally seeing
something in me haha
3. Who/what are some of your main non-musical influences? (movies,books,public figures, actors etc..)
 – My non-musical influences would be people like Martin Luther King, Malcolm X, my own grandfather and just everyday life.
I take into account every conversation I have with people, every thought that goes through my head, something I see online, something said\seen on TV.
I pull ideas from just about anything.

4. How do you feel their influence correlates to your music? And is their influences directly applicable to your music?
– I beleive the influence that correlates to my music is that I will not be silent in my speech. I’m here to make people feel comfortable about certain things
I may say because my aim is to make people think but also enjoy good music. The influence is seen easily in the things I chose to say in songs, and the mannerisms
I display in person. When people get to know me, they will see how I conduct myself and they can make a choice for themselves, as well.
5. What do you think music/art’s role is in the world and society and do you think it is fulfilling it’s purpose currently?
– Music is suppose to be a release for people, whether you make the music or just a fan of the music. I think music is fullifilling its purpose to a certain extent.
It gives certain people out there a way out of a struggle they were going through. Music can help people get through tough times or just give them that extra bounce
when they going out to have a good time. The emotions it creates can be amazing if you pay attention to it. The part I think that is not being fully fullfilled is the
idea of using music to truly make a difference. I’m hoping thats something that becomes a little more common with music as we move forward in life.
6. If you had to do one other art form besides music what would it be and why? And do you have any plans to ever implement this art form to your music if possible?
-If I had another form of art that I could use, I would definitely choose photography. I think there is a lot of beauty out there on this earth and thats a great way to
capture it. Photography and music almost go hand in hand so it will definitely be a part of my music.
7. Is there such thing as “bad” music?
– I dont believe there’s such a thing as bad music because music is someone expressing themself and to say the music is bad is to say that person and what they think is bad.
Now the song can sound bad, the lyrics can sound bad, but we have to separate the idea of it being bad music. Someone can promote positivity through every song which is good, but
it could sound bad cuz they may not convey it the best when recording.
8. If you had free reign to do what you wanted and complete creative control what would you do artistically? (if you could put on a certain stage show, film a documentary, perform at the super bowl etc..)
– Honestly, Id love to do a lot of different things. I just haven’t given it too much thought because I still have to put in the ground work before I can really make certains moves I’m looking to make. Everyone will see
in due time.

9. Where do you see your career going and what goals do you hope to attain?
– Im hoping my career goes beyond my expectations. Beyond just feeding my fam but giving them the ability to never have to worry about money ever again. My mom deserves it.
Whatever I attain beyond making sure my family is set, thats all a bonus and I’m not sure what it will be but I’m working hard to get there.
10. Finally the name Martin X holds a lot of weight, these are two of the civil rights most popular and polarizing figures, in what way do you feel they both have influenced you? Do you agree with their messages, and do you feel we as a people agree or even fully understand their messages?
– I see MLK and Malcolm X as innovators ,as well as, two people who preached slighty different ideas but same goal. I dont think either were wrong in the approach. There’s a time to sit and there’s a time to stand. We just have to find the proper balance.
They both have definitely influenced me from what they’ve said on different topics that seem to be relevant at this time in our lives. From watching MLK and Malcolm X Speeches and the various topics they spoke about, I truly admired and looked
up to the passion they conveyed with it, as well. They were two great men who chose to stand and fight for what they believed in. Yes, different approaches but still the same goal was wanted. True Freedom & True Equality. I think there are some people that understand the message and then there are
those who dont. Many haven’t heard the message themselves except from what a text book may have told them at some point in life. Maybe people need a refresher and I guess in my case, from a new face and new voice. Just hoping for the same outcome they both wanted. Peace & Prosperity for all at the
end of the day.
(also what can fans look forward to and where can they find you and your music.)
To the fans,
I have a lot more music coming. I have another performance coming up in January, so i’ll keep everyone informed about that.
I thank y’all for riding with me and I hope y’all continue to show that support. The movement is just beginning.
My music can found on my soundcloud –
You can also catch me on twitter – @TheRealMartinX & instagram –@TheRealMartinX

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