Danny Brown ‘Old’ Album Review

Danny Brown- Old

Danny Brown returns to his roots with his label debut ‘Old’ but also satisfies the tastes of his new fans as well with this ‘double’ album. Old is literally split between ‘Side A’ and ‘Side B’ showing the dichotomy of Danny Brown on one full length LP. It loosely follows his life chronologically with the track listing. It’s easy to miss the point with Danny Brown if you don’t truly listen. His appearance and demeanor can have far weather surface level fans thinking he is one thing when he really isn’t. Many people box in Danny Brown artistically and have this one dimensional view of his music “Old” makes sure you know the truth. It begins with nothing but reality and struggle as Brown opens up and documents his hardships. “The Return” quickly reminds the listener “don’t get it fucked up I’m a hood ass nigga” “25 Bucks” displays the everyday hustles inner city folk must do to make ends meet in the hood. “Wonderbread” is basically a nursery type rhyme explaining the hardships in the hood and the animosity that brews in a lot of people living in harsh conditions. “Gremlins” takes this concept even farther. After going through “Torture” Brown is eventually “Red 2 Go”, enter “Side B”. The second half the album is the turn up/rock star portion. “Dip” the leading single for the album is a hypnotic turn up anthem accompanied by a psychedelic video. As the album turns up so does the pitch in Brown’s voice, the voice most people are familiar with appears in full force for the next 7 songs, after excessive drinking, drug use and twerking the album closes with “Float On” a melancholy, but yet optimistic song about Brown’s future and direction.

Rating 7.5/10

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