Jean Grae #5

“This is #5. I felt like doing something else. So I did. I really enjoy song crafting. The producing, the recording, the writing, the mixing, the everything. It’s short, but grown. Love ya.” -Jean Grae



“You trying to have n*ggas make more babies? I don’t need no more kids.” – Young Guru

“An album of f*ck music.” – Sara Benincasa

“‘underneathu’ makes me feel like a man.” – @bonsuhunter

“Once again Jean makes a new record and refuses to let me jump on any of the tracks…” – Wyatt Cenac

“…this EP finds her venturing into the world of R&B, and doing it in a way that doesn’t suck.” – Mass Appeal

“Oh sh*t, sex! brb.” – @rulerofmyself

“#5 “makes me wanna take off work” Your voice is like the happiness of getting that first pink Starburst out the pack.” – @aynek26


We agree with them, this album is #DOPE.

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