Ahmir “Questlove” Thompson- Mo’Meta Blues

Legendary drummer and musical monk Questlove has recently stepped into the field of literature. Stepping from behind the drum set and turntables the Roots drummer gives his fans an in depth look into the life of one of today’s most acclaimed musicians. “Mo Meta’ Blues” is Thompson’s memoir and it doesn’t necessarily follow the standard path, there are breaks in the story, tidbits from the co-writer, dialogue, and the very special end-of-chapter “yearly” album shout out section. This section is the place where Questo stops the story to quickly break down each album that came out that year in his life during the story and pay homage to some of the music that helped influence this ground breaking musician. All and all this is a great read for any Hip-Hop or Roots fan but more importantly any fan of music should pick this book up. Like most memoirs it is filled with celebrity run-ins and encounters, and is a true honest glimpse into the brain of a musical genius.

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