Uno Releases Debut Mixtape “Sanctified”

After releasing his weekly ‘Sanctified Sundays’ series on Soundcloud up and coming Harlem rapper follows it up with his debut mixtape “Sanctified” download it here Uno Sanctified.


      “Sanctified to me, means being blessed and enlightened. It gives a sense of being “found” in a topic, as well as being more knowledgeable about it. I’ve been working on this mixtape for about a year now, initially putting out songs every Sunday as part of my “Sanctified Sunday” soundcloud series. Now it’s finally finished.

I chose this title as both a metaphorical and cocky way to say: I’m up next. Metaphorically, I’m saying this tape will serve as enlightenment for the listener. Confidently, I’m saying: this body of work will be somewhat like a sermon at Church. Something that could bring anyone who listens “closer to God”. I hope to do this for you.”


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